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This parameter specifies the interval at which the periodic background time scheduler runs. The background time scheduler is responsible for starting time base background jobs. you can get more information from RZ11.



1, if you want to reduce the value of this parameter, never to less than 30 seconds.  for more information, please refer to following SAP Notes:

#90428    Time-controlled jobs start late
#386646   Event-controlled jobs start with a delay
#1508504  Load balancing in background processing
#1057255  Jobs remain in status 'ready'

-Time scheduler would run quite often, even if there are no batch jobs to start.

-With note 923228 we introduced a mechanism, that the time scheduler runs in shorter periods anyway, if there is much batch traffic in the system. So it is simply not necessary to set rdisp/btctime to a very small value.



2, if you want to set rdisp/btctime=0 to stop time scheduler running to restrict any time-driven jobs to be run in some special situation, please keep in mind that there are special circumstances, for more information, please refer to 1898924 - About rdisp/btctime=0 parameter.





This parameter specifies the name of a server that can process event based background jobs. This parameter is used to select a server if an batch event (e.g. sapevt) has to be triggered. If the value is an empty string, the first active background server will be used.



1, After an event has been triggered, the event scheduler runs only on the server where rdisp/btcname parameter defined.

2, When a background processing event was triggered without a target server, the event was previously processed on a server which had the profile parameter rdisp/btcname.  Once you have implemented the corrections from Note 1035355 in the system, the profile parameter rdisp/btcname is no longer evaluated. please refer to 1035355 SAP Note and 1038669 SAP Note .





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