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This wiki is to give information regarding when postal codes are automatically determined for an address.


If the correct information is not maintained in the system then postal codes may not be determined when other address information is entered.

One postal code is maintained

If there is only one postal code maintained for any city then the postal code will be determined if just the city and country details are entered in the address area. If there are multiple postal codes maintained for any city then further details like district, street, house number are needed to identify the correct postal code.

Multiple postal codes are maintained

If a city has multiple postal codes then you need to specify the district, street and house number details for a unique postal code to be selected. In these three combinations of district, street and
house number a very large number of postal code possibilities exist.

For a street configuration there is something called post street section, here you can maintain postal codes for ranges of house numbers in a street of a district. So if this information is maintained correctly then the correct postal code will be fetched from the maintained regional data.

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