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Lots of warning messages displayed in dev_icm trace. such as:

[Thr 11080] *** WARNING => Connection request from (30/31/0) to host:
P25214, service: 1090 failed (NIEHOST_UNKNOWN)
[Thr 11080] 

Unknown macro: {0006822d}

[icxxconn.c 2271]
[Thr 11084] *** WARNING => Connection request from (30/31/0) to host:
http, service: 80 failed (NIEHOST_UNKNOWN)
[Thr 11084] 

Unknown macro: {0006822e}

[icxxconn.c 2271]

Reason and Prerequisites

Customizing of the content repositories contains the HTTP repositories
BIE_NET and BIE_QMM that refer to the host Port
1090 or HTTP repository ED that refer to host
Since HTTP repositories are automatically monitored in CCMS, the system
periodically tries to access these hosts. Since the hosts cannot be
accessed, the system issues relevant error messages in the CCMS alert
monitor (transaction RZ20: SAP CCMS Monitors for Optional Components ->
Knowledge Provider -> ContentServer -> Server:).

Following is wrong delivery:

HTTP server pwdf2625, port 1090

HTTP server P25214, port 1090

HTTP server, port 1090

HTTP server :, port 1080

HTTP server :, port 2000


Delete these repository from OAC0 and OACT.

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