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Help you to understand the transaction SM66 and how does it obtain the information it displays as an standard behavior. 


This page contains information about the SM66 transaction and the SAPLTHFB report it displays.

SM66 Transaction

The SM66 transaction shows the global work process overview as its main screen, where you can see the work processes for all the instances of the system with details like current action, status and all information also provided in the SM50 transaction.


The report SAPLTHFB is used to obtain the work process information from all the instances of a system when transaction SM66 is accessed. It is expected to see one entry in a dialog work process in transaction SM66 with your user in each instance of the system, since the work process information has to be first collected via RFC before SM66 can display it.



In older releases you can use the button Settings in order to hide the work processes allocated with your own user with the report SAPLTHFB in order to avoid misunderstandings. With this option active as you can see below, the only work processes shown will be the ones relevant for analysis.



Depending on the kernel version the report used to collect the work process information in the instances can have a different name. In newer releases the name will appear as CL_SERVER_INFO==============CP instead of SAPLTHFB, however, in these releases the option to hide these work processes does not exist. Please check the SAP Note 2143496 for more details about the different versions of SM66.


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