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The operating system collector SAPOSCOL is a stand-alone program that runs in the operating system background. It runs independently of SAP instances exactly once per monitored host. SAPOSCOL collects data about operating system resources such as:

  •         virtual and physical memory usage
  •         CPU utilization
  •         Utilization of physical disks and file systems
  •         Resource usage of running processes

SAPOSCOL uses a segment of the shared memory for various applications and all SAP instances on a host for storing the data.

 By default SAPOSCOL is installed when you install an SAP system.SAPOSCOL collects the data every 10 seconds and records it.

How to start and stop SAPOSCOL in Windows and Linux:

Windows:- In Windows by default it appears in the services file of the OS.To start SAPOSCOL just right click on it and start and same thing can be done for stopping the service.

In windows you should define this service as automatic,so that after every reboot you dont need to restart the service.

 Linux:- Following main commands are available for controlling SAPOSCOL from commad line:

 saposcol -l :starts SAPOSCOL

saposcol -k :stops SAPOSCOL

saposcol -s :status of SAPOSCOL

saposcol -v :version of SAPOSCOL

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  1. Unknown User (102udrxc3)

    Where can I find this doc: You should always use the latest saposcol for z/OS. Refer to SAP Note 103135. ???