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Transaction code SOST is used to display and administer of all messages sent using SAPconnect. The program displays send requests that are being sent, or have already been sent by using SAPconnect. In this transaction, a send request always contains just one recipient. This means that a document sent to multiple recipients at the same time appears multiple times in the send requests overview (one entry for each recipient). This enables recipient-specific administration of the send requests; for example, renewed sending of a message to a recipient if an error occurred during the first attempt.

• The display and the selection criteria can be configured on a user-specific basis. By choosing Settings -> User Settings, you can select which settings are held when the transaction is exited.
Selection Screen
• Choose the required time period (send date and send time) in which the messages were sent.
The selection can be restricted further by specifying the sender and send method. In the Sender field, you can enter user names and user groups. If a user group is entered, all users are selected that have this group entered in their user master record (transaction code SU01 -> User Group for Authorization Check), or that are assigned to this group (transaction code SU01 -> Groups).

Display the relevant send status for the send requests:
• Waiting: The message was sent by the user and is in the queue. It will be processed with the next SAPconnect send process and sent to the recipients.
• With Errors: The send request encountered an error.
• Sent: The message has left the SAP system. So far, it is unknown whether the recipient received the message or not. This corresponds to the status In Transit in the SAPconnect administration.
• Transmitted: The message reached the recipient, or there is no status expected for the message. This corresponds to the status Completed in the SAPconnect administration. Transmitted can only be selected if Sent is also selected.
• Other (STATSET): You can choose ‘Other…’ to select other statuses. This pushbutton is only active if ‘Waiting’ has been selected, since it is an interim status that is closely connected to the ‘Waiting’ status. The following statuses are available to you:
- No entry in the queue
- Send in the future
- Waiting for retry

If the relevant fields on the selection screen are filled, the following values are displayed in the status string: Number of send requests displayed, number waiting, number sent, number with errors, send method, sender. The number sent is the total of Sent and Transmitted.

List Fields
• Status: Displays the send status. By clicking an icon you can display the status text of each send request. You can branch to the send history and to the long text of the status.
• Send Method: Displays the send method (fax, Internet, and so on).
• Document Title: Display details about the send request.
• Sender, Recipient: Display details about the sender or recipient.
• Send Date, Send Time: Date and time at which the user sent the message.
• Msg (message number): The current status code of the send request. A dialog box with the status message is displayed when you click this field. You can branch to the send history and to the long text for the status.


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