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Welcome to the Sapconnect Interface Informations Guide!

What is Sapconnect?

Sapconnect is the interface through documents (mails, fax) can be send via SMTP node (or RFC)

The application can call the interface via function module, so_document_send_api1 or via the class cl_bcs. 

The administration transaction is SCOT. For configuration should use also tr smicm and sicf. The own application is the tr sbwp, sapoffice. There you can create and send email, fax and sms.

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Troubleshooting Guides


Inbound mail issues

  1. The system does not assign incoming emails to internal users. The internal recipient field is empty in transaction SOIN.
  2. The incoming attachment can't openable in SAP system.

For hints click here.


Outbound mail issues

  1. Difference in the size of the mail before the send request and the size of the mail that is being displayed in SOST after it sent

For hints click here.


SAP Note 607108 Problem analysis when sending or receiving e-mails

Troubleshooting guide for SMS via HTTP

(error code XS751 and more)

Configuration issues

SAP Note 455140 Configuration of e-mail, fax, paging or SMS using SMTP

SAP KBA 2148070 Configuration of e-mail using SMTP (outbound) [Video]

SAP KBA 2203325 Configuration of e-mail using SMTP (inbound) [Video]


How to

Error messages guideline

In transaction SOST error code appears as a result of FAX, SMS or EMAIL sending process. The error message can be found at the end of the message line and extendable by click. You can read more detailed description about the error if you click the  "Long text" button.

You can find more Error Messages after click the "See more" link at the bottom of the page. 

Some example error messages:

XS855 No delivery as sender or receiver address is invalid >> 550 5.7.1 Unable to relay


Read SAP Knowledge Base Article 2311711 - XS855 - Unable to relay

"It is mandatory to configure Relay in the mail server. This is explained on SAP Knowledge Based Article 1496168.
All application servers must exist in Relay settings in the mail server side. Contact the mail server administrator to check how Relay was configured."

XS899 No information on delivery, status invalid >> Error during comparison of recipient address


Read SAP Knowledge Based Arcticle 2494754 -"No information on delivery, status invalid"

XS856 No delivery to "&1", authentication required >> 530 5.7.1 Client was not authenticated


Read SAP Knowledge Based Arcticle 1950670 - Error XS856 "No delivery to &1, authentication required" occurs while sending mails through SMTP node
"If mail server requires authentication which is supported by SAP, but it is not set in SAP, make necessary settings as per KBA 1702632 and related note
If mail server requires an authentication procedure, which is not supported by SAP, either change or turn off the authentication procedure in mail server."

See More...



You can find SAP-certified solutions like fax, mail servers for your business here.

Find information about table SOXP and express messages here.

How a proper and full SMTP communication should look like? Click here.

You can find some important information about the following topics here:

  • Reorganization,
  • Notifications,
  • Repeat sending,
  • <GET DATA FROM KPRO> error

Sending email to the distribution list via CL_BCS:

If the customer creates send request with class CL_BCS and the customer determines the recipient address with class CL_DISTRIBUTIONLIST_BCS there will be an authorization check for the object S_OC_SEND with parameter COM_MODE='INT' value.


Recently Updated

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Problem with sapftp  and saphtt under Kernel 749:

Please refer to SAP note 93042 and update the latest patch of SAPFTP.

Please refer to SAP note 164203 and update the latest patch of SAPHTTP.





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