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Why does the license installation fail?

  • There can be several reasons a license installation might fail. Please check the following
    SAP licenses are bound to the SID, the database vendor and the hardware of the system they are given for. Check if your license data really matches the properties of your system. If it doesn't match, you might have ordered a license for the wrong system or your system data maintained in the service market place is improper (please focus especially on the database vendor).
  • Check if you use the proper way of installing the license. With NetWeaver release 6.40 SAP introduced a new field within the SAP license, the system number. If your license has a system number in it you have to specify it, when installing the license. If your license doesn't have a system number, just leave the according field empty.
  • With NetWeaver release 7.00 SAP introduced a new license type called "digitally signed licenses". Licenses of that type must be installed differently than licenses of the old type. Please be sure about having pressed the "New licenses" button in transaction SLICENSE before installing licenses of the new type. There is no way to install digitally signed licenses with the saplicense program from the operating system command line.
  • With NetWeaver release 7.10 the different license types are shown in separate tabs of transaction SLICENSE. You must have activated the correct tab to install licenses of the new digitally signed type. Licenses of the old type cannot be installed from 7.10 on.



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