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Why logon group information is not updated?

Things to check:

Check SAPMSSY6 execution.
This can be done by transaction SMLG -> Goto -> System diagnosis -> Cyclic system prog. 
If "No cyclic system programs were active" error is displayed and No. of problems: is not zero, check the value of rdisp/autoabaptime profile parameter.
    This parameter controls the time internal in which the SAPMSSY6 is executed. This normally takes place under the dummy ID SAPSYS. 
   - A value of 0 deactivates the automatic execution.
   - With a value of n > 0, the program is periodically executed in the background every n seconds

Parameter must be set to 300 (default value). It can be changed temporary via RZ11 (dynamic change) and permanently via RZ10 in instance profile.

See Note:
 1787163 - Message Server: save logon groups feature

The information about the logon groups could be saved and restored (in the file system) during message server stop/start operations.
The feature is controled by profile parameter ms/persist_lg_info:
 ms/persist_lg_info = { on | off | global }

If parameter rdisp/autoabaptime is deactivated, file /usr/sap/<SID>/<INSTANCE_NR>/work/<SID>_msg_server_adtl_storage will not be updated.

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