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1) what is SAPXPG ?

-SAPXPG - the external program controller.

-All the external command or programs are started by SAPXPG.

-SAPXPG is a C program which stored in the SAP executables directory.

-The trace file of SAPXPG is dev_cp.

Related notes of sapxpg trace log:

739960 - sapxpg trace is overwritten

962974 - External commands: Content of the dev_cp trace file

1355725 - External commands: Trace file dev_cp is too large


2) How to check version of SAPXPG ?

In a UNIX system(700 kernel), you can use strings command

For example:

    strings /usr/sap/EP1/D00/exe/sapxpg | grep sapxxxpg and you get  //bas/720_REL/src/ccm/ext/sapxxxpg.c#6 which is version 6 of our main source file.


As of 720 kernel, just using ./sapxpg -VERSION command

For example:

./sapxpg -VERSION


sapxpg.exe -VERSION


3)  External Program - SAPXPG issue --- How to troubleshooting ?

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