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The system reports errors in the upgrade phase RUN_RADCUCNT_NEW. The upgrade provides the option to ignore these messages and continue the upgrade. This note describes the error situations that you can ignore.


Other Terms

TG447, DO 538, DD sources could not be read, RDDNTPUR, nametab

1EEDO538 DD sources table "<tabname>" could not be read
In addition, a similar message exists in the file RDDNTPUR.<SID>:
3PETG447 Table and runtime object "<tabname>" exist without DDIC reference
If both of these conditions are met, you can ignore these messages.

1EEDO538 DD sources table "BPC_AUTH" could not be read

Reason and Prerequisites

At the end of a release upgrade, database and runtime objects may exist but their ABAP Dictionary definition may be missing. This situation may have already existed before the upgrade or may arise during the upgrade.
The phase RUN_RADCUCNT_NEW also processes only these types of runtime objects and reports the relevant inconsistencies as errors. If no additional errors exist, you can ignore these messages.



See note 1447267 - Error messages that can be ignored in RUN_RADCUCNT_NEW

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