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You are migrating your system to HANA database using System Copy procedure of SAP Software Provisioning Manager (SAPInst) or Database Migration Option of Software Update Manager and have cluster table defined in the '/' namespace, for example '/TST/C1.STR'.

R3ldctl aborts with the following error:

ERROR: failed to open file "D:\EXPORT_HANA\ABAP\DATA/SAP/TST/C1.STR.



Reason and Prerequisites

This error effects systems, which have table clusters, defined in the namespace '/...' and which must be converted to transparend tables through declustering procedure.

When R3ldctl started in the declustering mode, it creates logical table descriptions for every table cluster in the form "SAP<table_cluster>.STR.logical". Filesystem rejects to create a file containing symbols '/' or '\'.



See mote 1897665 - R3load: declustering support for tables in / namespace

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