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You want to make sure that the tables of a BW system are partitioned correctly, in line with the SAP recommendations and - in the case of a scale-out system - are defined on the correct database nodes.

You want to distribute the tables of a BW system according to SAP recommendations using the landscape redistribution.

In a BW on SAP HANA installation or a BW on SAP HANA migration, the initial landscape redistribution is started using the installation program. To ensure that this can be executed successfully, you must perform the activities specified here in advance.


Other Terms

landscape reorg landscape reorganization


Reason and Prerequisites

You operate a BW system on an SAP HANA database with Revision 63 (SPS06) or higher.

If you use a SAP HANA revision lower than 63, see SAP Note 1819123.



See note 1908075 - BW on SAP HANA: Table placement and landscape redistribution

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