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An upgrade with the database migration option (DMO) with a "DB2 for IBM i" source or target database returns errors because an attempt is made to delete indexes with the wrong naming convention.
In the case of "start DB2 for IBM i", this results in the following error in the phase MAIN_SWITCH/PARMVNT_XCNV:
 ETP399 DROP INDEX "<table_name>+1"
WETP354 14:59:42: Warning: Retcode 512: SQL-error "261" in DDL statement
for "<table_name>

This error occurs when the index is deleted from the target database.


Other Terms

Migration and upgrade, DMO, database migration option, MAIN_SWITCH/PARMVNT_XCNV, DB4, DB2 for IBM i


Reason and Prerequisites

The calculation of index names ignores the special separators for DB2 for IBM i.



See note 1978565 - Upgrade with database migration option: MAIN_SWITCH/PARMVNT_XCNV; incorrect SQL statements

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