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What are the steps to reset an update?

The steps are explained in the SUM guide, look for " Resetting the Sotware Update Manager " section.

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What does the cleanup option do?

This option will delete the upgrade directory and the upgrade directory is required to reset an update. Please do not select the cleanup option till the update is completly reset

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I have to replace my  SUM version during an upgrade. What are the necessary steps? 

  1. The  current update has to be reset. Please follow the page Resetting an update
  2. Optional: Save the upgrade directory content for later analysis.
  3. Once you have reset an update completly, please start a new update using a higher SUM release or patch in an empty upgrade directory. 
    See also: The upgrade tool Software update manager (SUM)

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I have already passed the DOWNCONF_DTTRANS_BCK  phase. Is it possible to reset an upgrade if I forgot to backup the upgrade directory?

Please do not forget to backup/copy the upgrade directory before going to downtime. In DOWNCONF_DTTRANS_BCK phase you are asked to make a backup of     - The complete upgrade directory and     - A database backup To reset the update you will need the update directory backup made/copied at that time (in DOWNCONF_DTTRANS_BCK phase ) as well as to restore the database backup you made at that point. Both should match in time.

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I have just reset my update and now I want to use an older SUM version to run a new update

Once you have reset an update completly, please start a new update using the same or higher SUM release or patch in an empty upgrade directory

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