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Improved Landscape Data Management in SAP Solution Manager



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Landscape verification as a function is available in various scenarios:

Figure 1 shows the new setup for the verification and check of landscape data:

Figure 1:  Verification in the Maintenance Planner: Technical systems register via SLD and LMDB. After upload to the customer profile, in Maintenance Planner, technical system data can be verified - see More on Landscape Verification > Latest News below.. Only additional checks are performed by the SUM on the technical system.

Figure 2 describes the function of landscape verification 1.0 for SAP Solution Manager - later versions are similar but as of SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP5 not identical in the functional scope (refer to the documentation listed below):

Figure 2: Steps in the verification process as delivered with the landscape verification tool. With SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SPS05, the verification function has been implemented in LMDB Product System Editor. 

Introduction to Landscape Verification for SAP Solution Manager

Correctness of landscape data is more critical than ever:

  • As of SAP enhancement package 4 for SAP ERP 6.0 using SAP Solution Manager Maintenance Optimizer(MOpz) is obligatory during installation
  • A correct landscape configuration is a major prerequisite for error-free execution of download calculation in theMOpz
  • Erroneous or incomplete landscape information can result in failure of the update procedure

With the add-on installation landscape verification 1.0 for SAP Solution Manager you get the tool you need to analyze your landscape data in the SAP Solution Manager System Landscape (SMSY) to safely identify issues in landscape description.

More on Landscape Verification

Here you find information where to find landscape verification and how to use it.

Latest News

NewWith the Maintenance Planner, which is now generally available, the process to correct system data has been improved: You can correct the data in the verification process integrated with the Maintenance Planner...

    • ... and create a CISI file to correct erroneous system data directly in the Maintenance Planner and apply it with the SUM
    • ... or work directly in the maintenance transaction used for the correction and directly plan on the basis of the corrected state.

Evolution of Landscape Data Management – Part II: What’s better with LMDB in SAP Solution Manager 7.1, SPS10?

As stated before, for most customers verification is done in SAP Solution Manager 7.1 LMDB Product System Editor. This blog describes the newest features delivered with SPS10, which include a search for product instances during product system creation.

Blogs & Articles

Latest news on landscape verification (youngest news on top):

Here is some background information:

Documentation of the landscape verification tool:


Here are some demos of the landscape verification tool:

Integrated verification with SAP Solution Manager 7.1 LMDB SPS10

SP1 - containing enhanced functionality including a wizard:

SP0 - the ramp-up version:

Software Download

Using landscape verification requires an SAP Solution Manager system with a proper license. For further information and download of the add-on, you need to log in to the SAP Service Marketplace (S-User required):

  • Installation: > Installations and Upgrades Entry by Application Group > SAP Technology Components > LV FOR SOLUTION MANAGER

  • Update: SAP Service Marketplace Download Center (Quick Link swdc) -> Support Packages and Patches; Choose "L" -> LV FOR SOLUTION MANAGER

Additional Information

Here you'll find information on related applications, products, and tools:

  • If you want to update to SP1, read SAP Note 1539712 - Add-on landscape verification - update to SP1 (SMP login required)

  • More on SAP Solution Manager you'll find on the SAP Service Marketplace using quick link "solutionmanager" (S-User required for log-in)

  • More on the SAP NetWeaver System Landscape Directory you'll find on SCN either using quick link "System Landscape Directory" for the overview or the "More on System Landscape Directory" for demos etc.

  • Landscape Descriptions gathering information on landscape entities and tools in the SAP system landscape




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