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The purpose of this page is to clarify the understanding how to handle Modification Adjustment during SPAM/SAINT. If you are looking for more information eg: What is SPDD/SPAU and the function in SPDD/SPAU, please click on the following link:

Adjusting ABAP Dictionary Objects 

Adjusting Repository Objects 

The functions in transaction SPDD are identical to those in transaction SPAU. For more information, see  Online Help page General Function in SPAU

Modification Adjustment in the first system (Development system)

  • You first perform the modification adjustment in the development system. You need to make sure that development system is modified in the same way as quality and production system. All 3 systems have to be on the same SAP system release.
  • apply the support packages on the development system until you run against phase: RUN_SPPD_? (to adjust the Dictionary Objects in SPDD) or RUN_SPAU_? (to adjust all other Repository objects in SPAU)
  • create two separate Workbench request (SE01), one for SPDD and one for SPAU. This is because they have to be imported at different times (SPDD transport after the DDIC import of the queue and SPAU transport after the main import of the queue). 
  • Create a task for each developer who is involved in the modification adjustment.
  • Have developers to perform the necessary adjustments and they must release their tasks after the adjustment is completed.
  • In order to automatically transfer the transport request to the subsequent systems for an automatic modification adjustment, you must flag it for transport by calling transaction SPDD/SPAU. From menu Utilities -> “Select for Transport” or “Assign Transport” (for higher release). This will add the CTS project SAP_ADJUST to the mentioned transport request (a prerequisite to later determine the request as adjustment request).
  • You finish SPAM by ignoring the RUN_SPAU phase, and choose “continue” as modification adjustment had been done.
  • As final step, when the SPAM has finished,  release the transport requests.

Modification Adjustment in subsequent system (Quality/Productive system)


  • Define the same list of support packages in the subsequent system as the support package levels in your development system.
  • After the queue has been defined, the system asks you whether you want to include modification adjustment transports.
  • If you do not get this prompt, In SPAM/SAINT menu “Extras -> Settings” and mark "Include Adjustment Transports" or "Always ask" on the Tab “Defining a Queue”.
  • A dialog box appears, containing a list of existing modification adjustment transports. You can also call this dialog box by choosing “Display/Define” button on the SPAM/SAINT initial screen, and then choose “Add Adjustment Transports to Queue” in the dialog box of the current Support Package queue.
  • If no adjustment transports are displayed in the list, you need to notify the system of the transports by choosing “Find Adjustment Transports” (SPAM/SAINT menu under “Support Package” -> “Find Adjustment Transports”) The system then lists the released transport requests that you have mark as modification adjustment transports. The Status field for each adjustment transport shows whether or not it matches the current Support Package queue and can therefore be included. Adjustment transports that match the Support Package queue are already selected in the table. An adjustment transport "matches" the queue when transport attribute SAP_COMPONENT(seen from SE01) between the current queue and the export system is the same.
  • If required, change the adjustment transport selection. Please note that, you cannot select adjustment transports that do not match the queue.
  • To add the adjustment transports to the Support Package queue, choose “Copy Selected Adjustment Transports
  • You can now import this queue in SPAM and the objects from the included adjustment transport will be adjusted automatically.

Common Issues During Modification Adjustment 


  • SCCR Key during modification
    There is no 14-days-period to adjust the objects without SSCR key!  In general it is correct that the object key needs to be inserted in case of modification. The only exception is the upgrade with the 14 day object key-free time (see SAP KBA 1705730). If the key for the object is not yet maintained in that system for the current release, it is necessary to insert it. As you implement support packages via SPAM, this is not an upgrade, so it is not expected to have an object key-free time. 
  • Termination at phase SPDD_SPAU_CHECK
    Check in SM37, if batch job OCS_QUEUE_IMPORT terminated with error "Internal error: MESSAGE_ADD_TO_PROTOCOL". This error is related to permissions problems. Please review the permissions on /usr/sap/trans/log and /tmp directory.
    Refer to SAP note: 401868 - internal error: MESSAGE_ADD_TO_PROTOCOL in SPAMS
  • When trying to add modification adjustment transports to the queue, in the “Check-Result” column return a red traffic light (Transport does not fit)
    An adjustment transport "matches" the queue if the target Support Package status of the current queue is the same as the one in the export system at the time when the modification adjustment transport is exported. 
    Please go to transaction SE01, display transport requests, expand the request attributes, there you can find the “SAPCOMPONENT”. This list shows the Support package level when the request was released. These SP levels should match the levels at the target system in order to be recognized as a 'matched' request.
    For some customer, the development system is not on the same component level as QAS/PRD system. In this case, you cannot use the modification adjustment transports created in DEV for QAS/PRD system. You will have to perform the SPDD manually in QAS system and use this modification adjustment transports for PRD system.

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