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Overview :


During the import_proper phase all the Repository objects and table entries are imported. Then actions such as distribution, conversion, activation and generation occur.

Move nametabs: The new ABAP runtime objects are put into the active runtime environment, database structures are adjusted if necessary.


When the import in SPAM\SAINT is stuck in the import_proper phase during the Move Nametabs the following logs can be checked to know the cause for the error




SPAM\SAINT – Action Log

Log file: DIR_TRANS\log\ P<SourceSID>69<number>.<targetSID>. Transport tool: pgmvtab

For more information about the logs to be checked during the SPAM\SAINT import of the packages please refer  the KBA


1846111 - Logs that need to be checked while importing a package using SPAM/SAINT

Common Known Issues 


  1. The root cause of the below specified issue is described in following note 1878252. The database version used doesn't work correctly and it is same for using SPAM.

    1878252 - MaxDB: Additional information - Software Update Manager 1.0 SP10

    3 ETP379X11:15:45: activating Nametab "*":
    3 ETP355Xstatements:

    2WETP000 11:15:45: Retcode 1: error in DDL statement for "*              " - repeat
    2EETP345 11:15:57: Retcode 1: SQL-error "-7009-POS(1) NULL value in key column not allowed" in DDL
    2EETP345 statement for "*               "
  2. The error specified below can be resolved by providing sufficient privileges to the schema user SAPSR3 so that the alter table command can be executed
    2EETP345 22:02:50: Retcode 1: SQL-error "47400-ORA-47400: Command Rule violation for ALTER TABLE on
    2EETP345  SAPSR3.SCR_SYN_DUMPS" in DDL statement for *

  3. The phase terminates as it is not possible to create the unique index due to the duplicate keys existing in the table. Please refer the note 2007272 to resolve the issue.

    2EETP345 09:28:24: Retcode 1: SQL-error "1452-ORA-01452: cannot CREATE UNIQUE INDEX; duplicate keys
    2EETP345  found" in DDL statement for "*"
    2 ETP000                  DB-ROLLBACK()
    2EETP334 09:28:24: error in DDL, nametab for "*" not activated


Related Notes 

1913676 - Troubleshooting guide for Support Package / Add-Ons Installations errors during the main import 'IMPORT_PROPER' phase in SPAM or SAINT 

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