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SAP System Upgrade & Update Troubleshooting Wiki Space                                                              Access Maintenance Planner (with S-user login)

Always verify the most up-to-date procedures by checking the  Maintenance Planner User Guide. This link is also available on the Maintenance Planner Home page.

    Troubleshooting by Maintenance Planner Topics

Explore systemsDetermines the systems in your landscape
Plan Plan a software change on your system including file download
Plan a new systemLets you add a new system to your landscape
Plan for S/4 HANALets you plan a new SAP S/4HANA system or convert an existing SAP ERP system to SAP S/4HANA.

View the synchronization status between SAP Solution Manager and SAP Support Portal

VerifyVerify automatically or edit manually the software details of a system and correct errors
Customer ProfileIdentifying and troubleshooting steps related to technical system data in the Customer Profile

Related Documentation:

Online HelpMaintenance Planner  on the SAP Help Portal
How To Guides Guides on how to perform common tasks
Planning Landscape ChangesThis best practice guide describes the steps to find new functions for SAP software and to plan their implementation in an existing IT landscape.
Further SupportIf you are unable to solve the issue, see note 2239589  to ensure you have met the requirements before opening a support incident

Related Notes:

2277574 - Central Note for Up-To-Date Installation using Maintenance Planner, Software Provisioning Manager and succeeding update tools
2174410 - Maintenance Planner: Known limitations
2309475 - Side effects Report for Targets Calculated by Maintenance Planner
2239589 - Requirements before opening an incident for Maintenance Planner 


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