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Update the Note Assistant before installing any new notes

Before installing any new SAP Notes using transaction SNOTE, ensure that the SNOTE corrections are installed or updated to the latest version of the appropriate note. 


-       For systems of SAP_BASIS 7.0x install (or update) note 875986

-       For systems of SAP_BASIS 7.3x and higher install (or update) note 1668882


If your upgrade Source is 7.0x and the target is 7.3x or higher, you should install the note 1668882 after the upgrade is completed, but before installing any new notes on the target release.

Ensuring the SNOTE corrections are installed before installing any new notes will avoid problems installing SAP Note corrections


Implement SAP Note with note assistant automatically
Topic Description
General Info.

SAP Note structure and classification

Preparation I

Activate Note Assistant

Preparation II

Note download, prerequisite SAP Notes etc.


How to implement SAP Notes using Note Assistant (Videos included)

Transport Related

Objects are locked, how to transport to subsequent systems

SPAU adjustment

Adjust SAP Notes in SNOTE/SPAU

Version management

Version Management related

Side Effect Notes

Find out and implement side effect notes

Frequently-asked Questions

Frequently-asked questions on Note Assistant

Implementing UR notesimplementation of UR notes having SMIM objects included
Transporting Between Systems Are transports possible between systems with different Support Package Versions ?



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