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This page will discuss the Product Availability Matrix (PAM).

Through the Product Availability Matrix (PAM), we regularly publish the following information about SAP software releases:

  • Release type (for example, standard release, early adoption release, or custom development project release)
  • Planned availability
  • Maintenance durations
  • Upgrade paths
  • Platform availability, including database platforms and operating systems

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How to enter the Product Availability Matrix?

You have to enter the PAM using URL Afterwards you have to press the entrance link.


Finally the entrance screen of the Product Availability Matrix will be shown.


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Search for a specific product release 

You can use the quick search on the upper right search bar to easily look up your product release. If you enter for example "ERP 6.0" then the Product Availability Matrix will automatically suggest all releases which contain this string.

Now you can click on one specific release (in the example below "EHP6 of SAP ERP 6.0") which leads to an overview of all EHP6 releases.

Finally you choose your target release ("EHP6 on SAP ERP 6.0") to get some more information.

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How to find out the release type/availability/maintenance of a product?

These information are already provided in the initial screen of that product. You can check the release plan (since when it is released and how long it will be maintained), the current status ("generally available", "ramp-up" and "extended maintenance") and look up for some relevant links to this product.

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Where can I find detailed information about a Support package stack release, the Release and Information note?

Click on the  Release Information note link on the Support package stack Tab  

How to find out the upgrade paths from or to my chosen product?

You have the possibility to check the source releases which are valid for upgrading your system to the chosen product release. You also have the possibility to check which upgrade paths are available for your product release.

Therefore you have to change the tab and move from the initial screen to the relevant product versions. Finally you¡¦ll get an overview which upgrade paths are available and which Add-Ons are supported with your release.

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How to check which platform is supported with the chosen product?

If you would like to know which OS/DB combination will be supported by SAP for your specific release then you have to switch to the "Technical release information" tab. Afterwards you have to check out the database platforms.

On the left hand you can go for your database and operating system release. If you for example choose "MaxDB" on "Linux X86_64" then you will see below result.

These OS/DB combinations are supported for SAP ERP 6.0 EHP6 on kernels 720_EXT and 721_EXT (either Unicode or Non-Unicode).

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Video How-Tos

Please check below Youtube sessions provided by SAP SMP TV team.

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