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Before using SPAM/SAINT always check the SAP note "Known problems with Support Packages in SAP NW (NW RELEASE) AS ABAP for SPAM"

e.g. 1843157 - Known problems with Support Packages in SAP NW 7.40 AS ABAP

Do you plan to apply more SPs ? Downtime is critical for you? In this case the Software update manager (SUM) is a better choice. Please read the SAP note

 1803986 - Rules to use SUM or SPAM/SAINT to apply SPs for ABAP stacks




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Disclaimer: Content Accuracy is assured as much as possible. Viewer discretion is advised.

Import support packages and addon package
Define queueSample how to define an addon queue in SAINT
Package attributePackage attribute of SPs, import condition calculation
Support Package StackWhat are Support Package Stacks? Why does SAP recommend import SPSs?
ACP packageWhat is an Attribute Change Package and Why is it Needed                                      
Disassemble PackageDisassemble Package and common issues in this phase
Test ImportObjects are locked, function module does not fit into a function group...
PrecheckInactive objects exist, confilcts exist...
DDIC ImportImporting dictionary objects
DDIC Activationphase explaination and common issues
SPDD and SPAU Modification Adjustment During SPAM/SAINT
Distributionphase explaination and common issues
Move Nametabphase explaination and common issues
Main Importphase explaination and common issues
Xpra executionphase explaination and common issues
Reset SPAMin what kind of situaiton, spam queue can be reset?
Downtime optimizationHow to reduce runtime of SPAM/Saint





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