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László Herbert

WIKI Space Editor: László Herbert

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Search tips

Use the following search terms: phase name (e.g. START_SHDI_FIRST ) ; error text (e.g. Shadow instance couldn't be started ) ; name of a logfile (e.g. ACTUPG.ELG)

Always verify the most up-to-date procedures by checking the  SUM guide . Always have it on hand while performing the upgrade.


Troubleshooting by upgrade roadmaps and phases


   Click on the roadmap step


  Troubleshooting issues with the SUM UI 


  Troubleshooting by upgrade topics



Frequently asked questions related to updates executed by SUM tool

General information

Information about product, NetWeaver and kernel release; Upgrade documents;system dependency; dual stack split.


Troubleshooting of SUM start/stop and SL CommonUI related situation

Application related update troubleshooting pages

List of pages containig application specific upgrade troubleshooting ( e.g. BW, Solman)

ADD-ON Handling

Handing addon in MOPZ, Vender Key, IS_SELECT phase


How to adjust objects? How to handle SPDD/SPAU request?

ACT_UPG phase (DDIC activation)

Handling situations during data dictionary activation in the phase ACT_UPG


Runtime optimization

Shadow Import phases

Parallel processes, Runtime optimization (uptime)

TABIM phases

Parallel processes, Runtime optimization (downtime)


Analysis of eXecution of PRogram After Import phases


SAP (ABAP) load generation

Resetting an update

How to reset upgrade/update correctly?

Data loss

Analyzing data loss issue

Starting and stopping instancies

Handling instance start-stop situations during upgrade.


DMO ( Database migration option )

Downtime OptimizationDowntime Optimization Approaches, as nZDM, ZDO, doDMO, nZDT


Glossary of SAP system updates executed by SUM

Disclaimer: Content Accuracy is assured as much as possible. Viewer discretion is advised.


  1. cool wiki + great help,  but hard to find this page

    why is this wiki not mentioned in the SUM guide ?

    1. Hello Christoph,

      thank you for your feedback.

      It is good to know, that our work is valuable for customers, especially for you.

      The pages can be found in google and we use references in KBAs also.

      The WIKI is referenced also in the Best practice guide which will be sent to customers who downloaded the SUM too, see offline version herel:

      I am not responsible for the  SUM guide, but I have forwarded your query to the authors.

      Best regards,






      1. maybe you can also submit the links to this wiki+blog to the SAP-SupportTeam of component BC-UPG-TLS-TLA  , because every time i opened a support-ticket to that team, while waiting (not only hours, but several days) for a really helpful solution to SUM-issues, now i have solved that issue, but did not get any response from that support-team yet, the support of that team is very very poor. (sorry to say that) - thanks.

  2. Hi Christoph,

    I have forwarded your feedback to the responsible team.

    You can also provide feedback directly after confirming the incident by filling out the survey.

    I have found a new incident from you and I have taken it. You will get an answer soon. 

    Best regards,



  3. Former Member

    SAP Note 1927413   : data file corrupt in phase MAIN_NEWBAS/TABIM_UPG shows document not released, Could any please update on this.

  4. Hello Madhu, 

    Thank you for your comment, the document was being re-worked, it should now be available.

  5. Very well structured. Great source of information. 

    Thank you

  6. Hi Alexander,

    it's really good to know that our work delight customers.


    Best regards,




  7. we got an issue at S/4HANA-Conversion to 1909-FPS02 ( with SUM-2.0_SP08_PL02 ) in execution/downtime in phase MAIN_NEWBAS/RUN_B2_D_BVB_SETTL_MIGR 

    Checks after phase MAIN_NEWBAS/RUN_B2_D_BVB_SETTL_MIGR were negative!

    Last error code set:  Single errors (code <= 8) found in logfile 'BVBSETTL_MIG.ELG'

    ERROR:  Batchjob RWB2_D_BVB_SETTL_MIGR failed.   The following errors were detected in the log files:

    # /usr/sap/ERY/SUM/abap/log/RWB2_D_BVB_SETTL_MIGR.ERY:
    4 ETG011 " "
    4 ETG039 -------------------------------------------------------------------------
    4 ETG039 -------------------------------------------------------------------------
    4 ETG040 Start time.....: "21.07.2020" "13:54:44"
    4 ETG039 -------------------------------------------------------------------------
    A4EESD_PROGRESS_LOG 012 "RUTDBCHK" at "WB2_D_BVB_SETTL" failed with returncode "8".

  8. Hi Christoph,

    I apologize for the delayed response.

    For the reported error I could find only an old note  2386258, I couldn't find any similar reported case.

    Next time please create an incident or chat if you need support for an error happening during a system update.

    Please attach the related logs also as they contain the exact error message.

    Best regards, Laszlo