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  1. Former Member

    Thanks for this Wiki... Please add the following to REPACHK2 phase.

    Suggestion 1: This error is also applicable to MAIN_INIT/REPACHK1 phase for the same error.

    Suggestion 2: In REPACHK2 phase, only DDIC or SAP* user is allowed to login application but can't make changes to customer objects displayed in REPACHK2 phase error. For this one has to follow steps outlined in KBA Article (SUM or SAPup  in an execution phase (e.g. PARCONV_UPG, XPRAS_AIMMRG)  error:  Upgrade still running: Logon not possible)


    Ramanathan EKAMBARAM

  2. Hi Rama,

    apologize for the delayed response.

    Thanks for your recommendations.

    Regarding Suggestion 1:  I have included reference to REPACHK1 to the page.

    Regarding Suggestion 2: In REPACHK2 the system is not locked against logon, normal users should be able to logon and execute the needed actions.


    Best regards,