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SAP provides powerful processes for the installation, copy and transformation of SAP systems. Software Provisioning Manager (providing the latest SAPinst version) as SAP installation tool is covering a broad range of platforms and products and both the ABAP and Java technology. Whether you are installing an SAP NetWeaver system, copying an SAP ERP system or a standalone engine (such as SAP Content Server), you can handle these procedures easily through the uniform look-and-feel of this tool.

Features in Detail

  • Support of all Platforms and many SAP Products
    SAP systems can run on a large number of platforms. With Software Provisioning Manager, the provisioning procedures work the same way on all platforms with just some minor differences in the parameter input phase. The same holds true for the large number of SAP products that are handled by our sofware provisioning procedures. For example, you can install and copy all application systems of the SAP Business Suite or smaller software units (such as SAP Content Server) in the same way.
  • Provisioning Services Providing the Flexibility You Need
    Our goal is to provide services with the right amount of options and dialogs that install exactly the product the way you require it. For this, the sofware provisioning procedure can propose default values for certain parameters while retaining full flexibility concerning the installed software.
  • Distribution Options
    During an SAP system installation, you can decide how you want to distribute SAP instances across systems and hosts: for a central system, all main instances (such as the central services instance and the database instance) are installed on a single host, whereas for a distributed system, every instance can be installed on a different hosts (only exception: the central services instances for ABAP and Java must run on the same host).
  • High-Availability Setup
    The installation procedure enables you to optionally install high-availability systems out-of-the-box.
  • Prerequisite Checker
    The prerequisite checker provides detailed information about the prerequisites that you need to meet before you perform an installation or system copy. Optionally, you can run it in standalone mode (that is, without starting the software provisioning tool) to check beforehand the hard- and software requirements. The sofware provisioning procedure calls the prerequisite checker automatically at the beginning of an installation.
  • Remote Procedure
    You can control the sofware provisioning procedure on a remote host from a local host by running the tool GUI on the local host.
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