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Technical configuration is an elementary part of setting up and operating SAP system landscapes. For example, you have to perform initial technical configuration to bring a newly installed system into operation. But also during the lifecycle of an SAP system, technical parameters have to be set and adapted.

Instead of performing all those technical configuration steps manually and on different systems, SAP offers several frameworks for lifecycle management automation (LM automation) that support you in performing configuration tasks in an automated way:

  • ABAP Task Manager for LM automation
    For the automation of ABAP tasks - part of every ABAP system (as of certain release/SP level) and easy-to-use for everybody familiar with SAP ABAP systems (similar to SE38).
  • Stand-Alone Task Manger for LM Automation:
    For the automation of non-ABAP tasks and light-weight tasks - offers a light-weight and easy-to-use automation experience for all kind of tasks with a short startup time, small download size, small memory footprint; stand-alone tool - no SAP NetWeaver J2EE Engine required as runtime, you can completely run it self-contained.
  • Configuration Wizard of SAP NetWeaver
    Automation framework running on SAP NetWeaver Java - in maintenance mode, but still provides a lot of automation content for different use cases.

The frameworks guide you through the configuration process and offer a uniform user interface for all configuration tasks. Besides the frameworks, the main benefit is provided by the configuration tasks delivered by SAP - think of control files for the frameworks that reflect SAP expert knowledge in a machine-readable format.

SAP offers configuration tasks for more and more configuration use cases. They get referenced in the corresponding documentation, such as in the Master Guides.

So, instead of having an SAP expert sitting in front of your system that performs configuration settings manually, you let lifecycle management automation guide you through the corresponding process. With both options, you will end up with a system that reflects configuration settings for your use case as recommended by SAP.

As a result, you can perform configuration tasks:

  • With less effort and cost due to the reduction of manual tasks - use a wizard for configuration instead of thoroughly reading configuration documentation and performing the corresponding steps manually in different UIs, transactions, and tools,
  • Faster and with less expertise required - profit from SAP expert knowledge in machine-readable format that control our framework,
  • With higher reliability and in a ‘standardized' manner - offer configuration services in a constant quality, no matter who performs the task and in what mood.


Getting Started

  • See this overview presentation about our offering for the automation of post-copy activities with SAP Landscape Management (fka SAP Landscape Virtualization Management), realized with the ABAP task manager and the stand-alone task manager.
  • More details about post-copy automation (as offered by SAP Landscape Management) is available on the post-copy automation page in the Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure space, offering many links, demos, FAQs.


  • For an overview of our offering for ABAP technical configuration (including ABAP initial setup and SAP Fiori setup), see the corresponding ABAP Technical Configuration page.



Feature Requests

Influence the future of the technical configuration procedures by collaborating on ideas for new features in SAP Idea Place, the public channel to participate in innovation at SAP. Technical configuration belongs to the idea session Software Logistics, category Solution Implementation. Submit new ideas, vote for existing ideas and connect directly with the teams at SAP that are in charge of the technical configuration procedures!