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Always verify the most up-to-date procedures by checking the SUM guide. Always have it on hand while performing the upgrade.



From a technical point of view you can either perform an upgrade or an update to achieve your target release.


SAP provides a lot of guides with different information depending if you would like to install, upgrade or maintain your system. The most important guides for your upgrade projects are listed here.

You can access the Service Marketplace on “” to reach the single point of access for SAP Installation and Upgrade Documentation.



  Afterwards you can search in the left sidebar for your specific release. Below example shows how you get the guides for SAP ERP 6.0 EHP6.


If you scroll down you will get an overview of the different available guides.



The Upgrade Guides can be found if you click “ERP 6.0 EHP 6 Upgrade and Update Guides”.


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Upgrade and Update Guide  

These guides describe application-specific steps required by the upgrade or update process (including preparation and follow-on activities and any steps in between). These guides have to be used in parallel with the Software Update Manager Guides to ensure that you find all the relevant information.

You have the chance to check the guide for your ABAP and your JAVA system. By pressing one of the following application server instances a new windows appear with the guide in PDF format.



The guides are designed with a general part, a planning and preparation part, the process part and follow up activities.


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Master Guide

The SAP ERP 6.0 EHP 6 Master Guide provides an overview of the steps required for an upgrade or update (including references to required documentation) in section Main Implementation Processes and Related Documentation. The Master Guide provides important information about the installation sequence and the components to be installed. It also links to all other documents that are required for the implementation of a specific scenario.



T he guide is designed with a general part and a planning part.


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Media List

This document lists the required media (for example, software DVDs and their contents).

By clicking the link you will have access to a list providing installation and upgrade media. Please find below an example on how this looks like:

You can download the media from SAP Service Marketplace at “” if you search for the media number.


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Software Update Manager Guide

This guide describe the generic update and upgrade processes using the Software Update Manager and are specific for operating systems and databases. 

The SUM guide can be downloaded from the  page - System Maintenance section  


You can use also the direct download link


The next screen provides an overview where you have to choose your application server stack, operating system and database:



Finally you have access to the guide.

These guides are designed with a general part, a planning and preparation part, the process part and follow up activities.


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