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Error examples from  SAPup.ECO logfile

EXECUTING E:\usr\sap\PRD\DVEBMGS02\exe\sapcontrol.exe -host SAPHOST1 -nr 02 -queryuser -function StopWait 300 10

User? Password?

14.10.2014 10:59:29


FAIL: Invalid Credentials


/usr/sap/BPP/SCS01/exe/sapcontrol -prot NI_HTTP -nr 01 -function Start

17.07.2014 20:14:03


FAIL: HTTP error, HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized


  1. Please follow the SAP KBA  1563660 - sapcontrol, user authorization issues (SUM)  
  2. Please check also the SAP KBA 1664214   - Upgrade is not able to start or stop an instance because of an "HTTP error 401 Unauthorized"

If the instance needs to be started or stopped manually

please follow the steps on the page 

Starting and stoping the instance during update manually



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