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Software Update Strategies within the SAP Business Suite Reference Landscape

In order to simplify software updates processes in system landscapes and to increase their predictability, we defined some principles for SAP Business Suite and SAP NetWeaver that customers could rely on.
Based on these principles the software update procedures and tools (e.g. SAP Solution Manager MOPz) shall guide customers through the process and automate as much as possible.
First the different options, how certain SAP NetWeaver components could be deployed together with a SAP Business Suite system are depicted. According to the different deployment options we then outlined the particular characteristics and determined the aimed software update strategy.
 This procedure will increase transparency and strengthen standardization of update processes by defining the expected update behavior of products. If a customer has chosen a certain deployment option, the corresponding update behavior can not be changed, but is arranged by SAP. Nevertheless by offering the customers the choice to select one out of different options when designing and implementing the system landscape, customers will have enough flexibility to decide for the most appropriate setup.
To get familiar with the different options how to technically deploy SAP NetWeaver components, it must be distinguished between foundation and integration capabilities.

Technical Deployment of SAP NetWeaver - Foundation Capabilities

SAP NetWeaver provides a technology layer that serves as runtime stack for applications.
There are three main options for implementing the technology foundation of SAP NetWeaver:

  • ABAP single stack system
  • JAVA single stack system
  • Dual stack system (not recommended any longer, besides it is mandatorily required)

Definition for Dual Stack:
SAP system containing Application Server ABAP and Application Server Java. A dual-stack system has the following characteristics:

  • Common SID for all application servers and the database
  • Common startup framework
  • Common database (with different schemas for ABAP and Java)


Technical Deployment of SAP NetWeaver - Integration Capabilities

In addition to the foundation capabilities, SAP NetWeaver also offers a set of different integration capabilities to be utilized by SAP Business Suite systems that e.g. can be used to provide a central and role-based access to end-user (SAP NetWeaver Portal), to support an integration on application or business level (SAP NetWeaver Process Integration), or to access analytical information that might be consolidated from different sources (SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse).
Within the following sub chapters we describe general deployment options that are technical possible, whereas not all of them are useful in every case (some of them are only supported for existing installations, but not longer possible to be installed like optional dual stack setups). 

The most prominent deployment options of those SAP NetWeaver capabilities that can be seen in customer landscapes are:

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System Landscape Governance at SAP strives for

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  • balancing change with stability to simplify the adoption of innovation
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