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Whitelist to access files on an application server of the Solution Manager

If you want to compare data stored in files on an application server of the Solution Manager, for security reasons it is required that you define from where the CDC application is allowed to read data.

CDC is using the logical file name CDC_DATA_FILE defined in transaction FILE. This logical file name is shipped and refers to the logical file path CDC_FILE_PATH:


The logical path CDC_FILE_PATH is also shipped, but not yet assigned to physical paths. Assign one or more physical paths from where the CDC application is allowed to read data.


  1. Start transaction FILE to maintain logical file path definitions.
  2. Mark logical file path “CDC_FILE_PATH” and choose Assignment of Physical Paths to Logical Path in the dialog structure.
  3. Enter one or multiple physical paths from where the DC application is allowed to read data.


The example above shows the assignment of the physical path “/tmp” for a Unix compatible system. The physical path names must contain the placeholder “<FILENAME>”. Please note that there might be a different syntax for other systems like “\tmp\<FILENAME>” for Windows systems. The assignment means that the CDC application is allowed to read files stored in the “/tmp” path of application servers of the Solution Manager. If you are trying to compare files from other physical paths, the CDC application will run into error “Validation of file path and name failed” (DSWP_CDC822). It is also possible to assign further physical paths.

Please refer to the documentation of transaction FILE for more information about logical file and path name definition and the assignment of physical paths.


Integration with LT-Replication Server - Details for Replication Server

Once you have generated the comparison using the appropriate mass action in CDC, you can use the results from LT-Replication server to selectively trigger the replication of inconsistent entries. To do so start transaction LTRC (“LT Replication Server – Cockpit”) on the replication server and choose a Mass Transfer ID for which a comparison was generated in CDC. Go to tab “Expert Functions”. In the menu on the left choose path "Repair Replication Tables" => "Resolve Inconsistencies Identified by CDC":

In the new screen you have to enter the RFC-destination to the SAP Solution Manager as maintained on the LT-Replication server.

Select the comparison that has been generated for the respective mass ID via the F4-help and the latest run you want to use as a basis for the new replication:

Once you execute this, it will tell you how many inconsistencies would be corrected and you have to confirm that you would like to replicate these entries between the systems once more. 


Once the replication has finished a confirmation will be provided:

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