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The availability is expressed in percentage and calculated on Last one Hour or Today periods. If the value in the main tile is lower than 100%, the system can be either unavailable or no measurements are collected for this metric (e.g. the agent is offline).

The availability scenario also supports HANA Standalone Databases (apply all the corrections listed in the Central Notes).

Main Tile

Like any other scenario, availability can be individually configured for several systems.

The Detailed View

The user can access a more detailed view by clicking on the system entry in the Main Tile.

The detailed view will provide additional information:

  • Last 30 days with daily granularity
  • Last 8 weeks with weekly granularity
  • Current week in pie chart

Technical info

The following information are only valid for 7.1 ST-OST SP4 or 7.2 ST-OST SP0 systems where all the notes up to 2415611 - Focused Insights ST-OST Wave 1.3 are installed.

STDF Metrics







-"/STDF/QM..." the query returns an overall result 

-"/STDF/QD..." the query returns a result with a drilldown on the selected period:

  • H: Hour
  • D: Day
  • W:Week
  • M:Month

Data Validation

For ABAP Systems, Using RSRT1

For Java systems, Using RSRT1

For HANADB Systems, Using RSRT1

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