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Purpose of the BPMon Template Solution for Solution Manager 7.1

Purpose of the BPMon Template Solution is to provide an easy option for customers for uploading a preconfigured monitoring configuration to quickly get a working demo for Business Process Monitoring on any SAP Solution Manager 7.1 system.

How to use the BPMon Template Solution in 7.1

  1. Make sure that the BPMon prerequisites for your target managed system are fulfilled. This includes:
    1. There is logical component for the managed system.
    2. RFC destinations are available.
    3. The monitor definitions for the managed system have been loaded into SAP Solution Manager. 
  2. Download the template solution.
  3. Create a target solution in the target Solution Manager system.
  4. Call transaction SOLUTION_TRANSFER and upload the solution.
  5. Map the logical component of the template solution against the logical component SAP ERP ECC Server on your SAP Solution Manager.
  6. Import the solution.
  7. Once the solution is imported, access the solution directory for the target solution.
  8. Replace the logical component with your target logical component.
  9. Afterwards, you can generate and activate the monitoring.
    Please observe: In order to receive meaningful alerts, you may habe to adjust the monitoring configuration.

Template Solution for 7.2 

Currently, there is no BPMon template solution for 7.2. 


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