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This scenario reports the status of the database backup for each system. A custom table is also provided to allow additional reporting capabilities.

The following databases are supported:

  • Oracle
  • MaxDB
  • DB2

Check the "Prerequisite" section for HANA Databases.

Main Tile

This scenario reports the status of the database backup for each system (number of days since last backup). A custom table is also provided to allow additional reporting capabilities

The Detailed View

When enabled in the configuration, the detail view displays only the content of the table /STDF/TAC_BAKLOG. 

Technical info

 The following information are only valid for 7.1 ST-OST SP4 or 7.2 ST-OST SP0 systems where all the notes up to 2415611 - Focused Insights ST-OST Wave 1.3 are installed.

STDF Metrics







Data Validation

For ABAP Systems, you can see this kind of information in MAI  (Select System ID) System Monitoring Database Exceptions Backup Status Days since last successful backup


The collection interval frequency of the metric in MAI should be 1 hour for all database types.

  • For HANA Databases, make sure that the "Age of Most Recent Data Backup" metric is activated, has the technical name HDB_STATISTICS_ALERT_037_ and is working properly.
    • This can be checked using the "Alerting Directory Browser": http(s)://<solmanhost>:<solmanport>/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/wda_ac_dir_browser

    • To verify that the metric is working properly, copy the "Metric ID" and the "Managed Object ID" from the Alerting Directory Browser (could be different from the one displayed here) and use them to filter the selection in table ACE_DB_EVENT
      • SE16 

    • If using these filter criteria, there are no entries in this table, it means that the metric is not working or is not scheduled hourly. In this case review the Technical Monitoring configuration to make it work.

  • For MS SQL database, the metric below should be activated (with 1 hour for the collection interval instead of 8 hours).

  • For Oracle database, the metric below should be activated.


Make sure to apply the latest Monitoring Content. Some old versions of the Database Templates do not provide the correct results for the Age of Last Successful Backup.

You can activate the automatic download procedure or manually upload the content using the RCSU_MANUAL_UPLOAD report.  See SAP Note 2483216 - "How to update content manually for Solution Manager" for details (don't use the Java SAPGUI for the upload).

For HANA Systems, make sure to have the latest version of the following notes:

  • 2211415 - Alerting composite SAP Note
  • 2177195 - HANA metrics validity checks

Interactive Reporting is discarded with Solution Manager 7.2

With Solution Manager 7.2, Interactive Reporting is discarded; to validate Technical Monitoring data, check the following wiki page: Prerequisites for Tactical Dashboard

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