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Business Process Analytics in SAP Solution Manager is a problem-oriented tool that allows customers to identify weaknesses in their existing SAP Business Suite or SAP S/4 HANA processes and provides fast root cause analysis capabilities in order to make processes more efficient end effective (see also the blog Systematic errors vs real exceptions or improving efficiency vs effectiveness) without changing the process design itself (no re-engineering). A more detailed description, about the functions that come with Business Process Analytics, is given in the blog Business Process Analytics: Types of functions and their respective features & purposes. Using Business Process Analytics for cleaning-up your system before implementing SAP HANA might be also an important consideration. More information can be found in Before you get started with SAP should also consider cleaning-up your backend system first. No matter if your backend is running on SAP HANA as a database or on any other database, you can also use Business Process Analytics powered by SAP HANA for an ad-hoc, real time analysis. Supporting Business Process Improvement activities for SAP solutions is the main purpose of Business Process Analytics as a tool.

On top of the Business Process Analytics you can also build Business Process Operations dashboards to inform your management (via desktop or also on mobile devices). 

If you activated Business Process Analytics, then it is also possible with the Usage Analysis to track whether your end users are actively using the tool or not. 

A recording of SAP TechEd session ITM104 "Business Process Improvement for SAP solutions" can be watched here (41 minutes) at

Upcoming Events on Business Process Analytics / Business Process Improvement: 

  • February 2020, DSAG Technologietage in Mannheim


The latest features are available with SAP Solution Manager 7.2 support package 11. Previous features comprised the Dependency Diagrams/KPI trees (accessible via desktop or via mobile device) and the Usage Analysis. A new application available with SAP Solution Manager 7.2 is for senior management reporting (on desktop or mobile device) - the Progress Management Board. The latest key figure content was shipped with ST-A/PI 01U. 

Customer Stories:

New key figure content 

A general description about the five existing key figure types (throughput, backlog, exception, lead time, automation rate) is given in the blog

Business Process Analytics: Types of key figures and their respective use cases. If you want to browse through the list of available key figures you can do this with the help of the KPI catalog in the cloud at

which was launched in June 2015 (SMP login or at least P-user required). The following list of blogs provides a chronological overview about what came new when:

If you require some customer or industry specific key figure content that is not (yet) available, you can also create your own key figures via an Customer Exit.

Application specific blogs

Technical documents 


Frequently Asked Questions

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