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1. Objectives

This article explains how to use the OCC Business Process Analytics (BPA) data provider .

2. Supported Renderers

The BPA data provider supports this following renderers :

  • Area Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Line Column
  • Dual Line Chart
  • Dual Bar Chart
  • Dual Line Column
  • Line Chart
  • Stack Bar Chart
  • Stack Column Chart
  • Column Chart
  • Bar Chart 
  • Table History Renderer
  • Trend Table Renderer
  • SLR Renderer
  • SLR Table Renderer

Here is an example of displayed data using the BPA data provider with the COLUMN_CHART renderer :

Query :

/STDF/DP_BPA:COLOR=#ff7f0e|legend= BPA|OCC_JUMP_IN=|SLA=|TREND=|G2Y=|Y2R=|COLOR_RATING=|DISPLAY_ATTRIBUTES=|visible=true|panel=Company Code_Optimization in PtP

3. Tabs description

The BPA data provider has only one tab : General (Panel)

4. Prerequisites

We can create a panel  using the configuration dashboard and following these steps :

1. Firstly,Use the transaction SM_workcenter.

2. Secondly,Enter the tab business process improvement.

3. Finally, enter the tab configuration dashboard business process operation. 

We need to add a panel.

Fill in the the technical name and the description tab an choose a chart type. 

We need a last to  add the analytical key figures from the ones available

4. Validation

The validation consists of comparing the results showed in the OCC dashboard (screenshot 1) and those obtained from the panel (screenshot 2+3)

by clicking on the button preview we can  get the results from the panel 

As we can see we have chosen the same periods and we have obtained the same values from the OCC an the panel.

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