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News and Frequently Asked Questions


The tools of Business Process Improvement can be experienced by using the SAP Internet Demo System. The access is provided on this page:

SAP Internet Demo System

Login to the demo system by navigating to the area "System Access" and clicking the button "SAP Solution Manager Launchpad". Select a user you want to work with in the table below and login.

After logging in, navigate to the "Business Process Improvement" category.

KPI Catalog

The KPI Catalog enables you to browse through key figure content that SAP ships out-of-the-box. The catalog uses SAPUI5 front end technology and hence can be accessed by any device with any kind of screen resolution from anywhere in the world with internet connection.

SAP KPI Catalog

For more information, read the blog of Volker von Gloeden.


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Latest Articles

Complexity creates Opportunity - for value creation in your S/4 journey
Very nice comparison. Probably you should have mentioned three additional things Of course one can also filter on certain document types, e.g. everything starting with Y or Z, so that only customer-specific document types can be easily analyzed instead of looking at SAP standard ones This is the example sales ...
The mystery of Sales Order Stock
The (obsolete) sales order stock is automatically covered in the same single performance indicator that you described. The sales order stock can come from Make to Order as well as Purchase to Order. The respective process flows Sales order item created (make to order) to invoice and Sales order item ...
The mystery of Sales Order Stock
Nicely written Andreas and yes indeed a mystery that can be observed far more often than one would expect. And the same actually applies to Purchase to Order scenarios where the goods receipt from the PO is also posted into sales order item stock and then it is only reserved ...
P2P : Delivery times for Purchase Orders - or what's a week?
What a lovely blog. It describes a very typical problem that we see in customer engagements since at least 15 years, and customers are always wondering why the automatic supply chain planning is not yielding better (more realistic results). It’s the master data that makes the difference. Of course the ...
New key figures with ST-A/PI 01U, e.g. SuccessFactors recruiting
Since May 7 2020 a new ST-A/PI release 01U is available for download. With this plug-in 40 new key figures have been shipped for Business Process Analytics and Business Process Monitoring in SAP Solution Manager and around 140 existing key figures were updated. The plug-in contains (besides others) SuccessFactors The ...

Premium Engagement 

(SAP ActiveAttention/SAP MaxAttention/ SAP ActiveEmbedded)

Your current focus is on Automation or the SAP S/4HANA Preparation? Then the following pre-packaged services can help to address your problems:

Business Process Automation Check: Increase the degree of automation in business processes to reduce process and overhead costs.

SAP S/4HANA Preparation: Data Quality Pre-Check: Migrate only transactional data and master/configuration data.

Typical service flow (Click the arrows for more information):


How To

Getting Started

Getting started with Business Process Improvement

Getting started with Business Process Improvement in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP11

Upgrade Solution Manager

Upgrade Solution Manager

Overview of SAP Notes that are required to upgrade your SAP Solution Manager

SAP Upgrade Note

Technical Details

Twin Cubes

Setup Guide

TwinCubes - Solution Manager 7.1 SP12+.pdf

MAI Collector

For more information on MAI Collector please contact your SAP contact person.
For more information on MAI Collector Troubleshooting please click the link on the right. 

Customer Exit

Setup Guide

Customer Exit with ABAP OO in ST-A/PI 01T SP0

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