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Business Process Monitoring in SAP Solution Manager enables the proactive and process orientied alerting for issues that could potentially disrupt the flow of your core business processes. Purpose is to get quicker visibility about which issues occur within your solution landscape, what impact they have on the business process execution and to solve them before the business department even notices that something went wrong. 

SAP Solution Manager provides a central and automatic tool for Business Process Monitoring. BPMon on SAP Solution Manager helps you to avoid manual monitoring efforts via BPMon on SAP Solution Manager and allows you to easily get a solution wide overview about the status of your business processes. Main target group is the Operations Control Center (OCC) that should centrally react to all alerts. The OCC members work with the Alert Inbox to acknowledge alerts, execute guided procedures to solve the alert situation and distribute alerts to other parts of the support organiztion in case the alert situation requires expert knowledge. 

Business Process Monitoring provides various features and functions around the alerts. To start with, Business Process Monitoring in SAP Solution Manager continuously and automatically collects alert information from the managed systems. The alerts are displayed in an alert inbox in Solution Manager. Additionally, you can display the alerts in the context of the business process graphic to see which parts of the business processes are impacted. For alerts, you can execute linked guided procedures to solve the alert situation. You can document your alert processing status in the alert itself. Once the alert situation has been solved, you can mark the alert accordingly.

Alerts can be forwarded to other members of the support organization via manual or automatic emails, SMS and incidents.

In order to determine the long-term stability of your business processes and to visualize the workload on the OCC, you can use the Alert Reporting functions and the BPO dashboards, or you can use the BPMon content in the Service Level Reports.

As of Solution Manager 7.1 SP12, SAP offers a new infrastructure for BPMon on MAI. You can choose per solution which infrastructure should be used for BPMon. Please be aware that the classic BPMon infrastructure will be discontinued with Solution Manager 7.2.

Business Process Monitoring can be set up in Solution Manager as configuration (no coding creation required). You can choose from a large list of readily available alerting functions.The general setup procedure is the same, regardless which infrastructure is used for BPMon.

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  1. Former Member



    Great Article.


    I've seen a lot of information about CCMS being discontinued in 7.2, but despite this I know of an example of a currently running 7.2 Solman with functioning CCMS alerts. Do you know why everything says it is no longer going to work despite evidence to the contrary?





    1. Hi Connor,

      I think there might be  a bit of a misunderstanding. CCMS is part of the ABAP stack. It is contained in more or less every SAP system with an ABAP stack, not just in Solution Manager. So of course in that sense Solution Manager still has a CCMS since it has an ABAP stack, and in this CCMS there might be alerts as in every ABAP based SAP system. However, in 7.1 we made use of the CCMS in Solution Manager for our monitoring. The trigger for classic BPMon came from CCMS and the BPMon alerts that were created in 7.1 also showed up as alerts in CCMS. This integration is no longer available in 7.2. This means that in 7.2 BPMon gets its trigger from the extractor framework, not from CCMS. And alerts in BPMon in 7.2 no longer show up as alerts in CCMS. This means that customers that used CCMS to forward their alerts to a 3rd party monitoring tool will have to build a new integration to their 3rd party monitoring tool in 7.2 (e.g. via SNMP traps). It also means that problems in the CCMS infrastructure no longer affect BPMon.

      So CCMS in Solution Manager still exists, but no longer has anything to do with BPMon (or System and Application Monitoring, for that matter). What you can still do though is have alerts from CCMS show up in your BPMon (so a CCMS alert may trigger an alert in BPMon on MAI).

      Hope that clarifies it a bit.

      Best regards,

  2. Former Member

    Hi Ulrike,

    Under 7.2, ist there way to search for (technical) Monitor names when Setting up new ones? I am missing ""F&R Location Status ("REFRELST") which however has to be there as we migrated it from 7.1 on another System with the same ST-A/PI release.

    Best Regards,