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The purpose of this page is to explain how to create and maintain the business partners required for using the SAP Solution Manager Change Request Management scenario for SAP Solution Manager 7.1 and 7.2.


Business partners are parties in which your company has a business interest, definition from CRM100 course.

A business partner in Solman ChaRM scenario is used to represent a person/user or an organization having a role inside the processing of the different business documents in Change Request Management  such a requester, change manager, developer, sold-to party...

Business partners are used in all Change Request Management transactions types, like ZMCR, ZMMJ, ZMHF, ZMAD, etc.


Solman uses these business partner categories: Person and Organization.

  • Person is a natural person.
  • Organization represents units such as company or organizational units like IT Support 1st level and 2nd level in the picture above.

A business partner role, such an employee, sold-to party... classifies a business partner according to the business function in business terms.

The roles you assign to a business partner reflect the functions it has and the business transaction in which it is likely to be involved. 

You can assign more than one business partner role to a business partner. General information such a name, address, has to be entered only once. 

Change Request Management business roles

ChaRM is using the following business roles:

  • Requester: creates a message or creates a request for change straight away
  • Processor: Edits the message and creates the request for change
  • Change manager: categorizes, prioritizes, approves, and monitors requests for change
  • Change advisory board: steering committee in the change process that approves the budget and scope for requests for change Developer: implements changes and passes them to the tester
  • Developer: create the changes in the development system
  • Tester: tests changes and confirms the status in the change document
  • Administrator: advances the phases of the cycle and imports project-related changes
  • IT operator: imports project-related changes
  • Sold-to party: this is the organization in charge of the ChaRM scenario delivery.

All these business roles excepts the sold-to party  need to have a BP of category person with roles Business Partner(Gen.) , Financial Services BP (these two roles are created by default when creating a Person directly in /nBP),  Contact Person and Employee: 

Note: The role Contact Person is needed to use Business Partners in the CRM WebClient UI.

In transaction /BP select your business partner and display it:


In the Identification tab of BP role Employee you will need to fill the User Name field with the SU01 user:  

Sold-to party: represent the company itself, you will need to create a BP of category Organization with roles Business Partner (General), Financial Services BP and Sold-to party.


How to create Business Partners in Solman 7.1

In Solman there are different ways to get a BP created. 

A BP can always be created manually, created and changed directly through transaction /nBP.



  • In solman_setup-> Basic Configuration in Roadmap Configure automatically execute mandatory activity "Prepare Business Partner Change", ensure that the report CRM_MKBP_ZCACL_UPDATE_30 is executed before the BP generation. Use the following parameters: cltype = 'BUP' clgroup = 'MKT_PT' Remove the testmode flag and save your changes.
  • In solman_setup -> Basic Configuration in Roadmap Configure automatically execute mandatory activity Generate Business Partner Screen


- For standard scenarios for Solman 7.1 and Solman 7.2: 

Use transaction type BP_USER_GEN-> report AI_SDK_USER_BP_GEN

This report can be used to create user and create/maintain business partner for users already existing in the managed systems. This report only considers the users from the managed R/3 system.

For details on the options to run this report see

For details on the options to run this report see --> Application Lifecycle Management --> SAP Solution Manager --> SAP Solution Manager <version> --> Application Help --> IT Service Management --> Administration --> Create Users or Business Partners Automatically. 

Run transaction bp_user_gen and see the best option to get the developers from the development system created in the Solman system, do the same for getting the testers created in Solman from the quality managed systems, we can use the template users created in 8. Create Managed System Template User

Sold-to party will need to be created manually.

SAP Note 1515054 shows a BAdI that can be used to restrict the selected users by any criteria


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