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CDC offers integration into Business Process Monitoring. as of Solution Manager 7.2, there is a specific "On-demand data collector for CDC" available for CDC monitoring, for older versions you have to use the "Data collector for CDC". (Click to enlarge the screenshots.)

Follow the usual steps to set up Business Process Monitoring (see Identify a process step or interface where you want to attach the CDC monitoring and choose the "On-demand data collector for CDC" to create a new alerting object. Enter the name of the comparison that shall be monitored.

It is also possible to define a filter to monitor only CDC results with certain filter values. For this you enter the tag name (from the mapping connection in the data model) of the filter field and enter the filter condition as select option.

Select key figures and enter a parameter set for each key figure. The different inconsistency types plus the total number of inconcistencies and the total number of inconsistencies as percentage of the compared objects are all available as key figures.

Data collection is triggered automatically after each run of the entered comparison, so you do not have to define data collection. The data is retrieved directly from the CDC result tables in Solution Manager. If required, enter alert handling, notifications, incidents, third-party components and further settings as usual.

Save, generate and activate.

As soon as the monitored comparison runs, data collection for the selected key figures is triggered and the results can be consumed (

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