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For extracting key figure data and master data from SAP IBP using an OData Service, please refer to the following documentation:

To enable the data extraction using services, use the Communication Management apps in the SAP Integrated Business Planning launchpad to define a communication system, users, and arrangements.

Attention: Do not use the old obsolete service /IBP/EXTRACT_SRV, it will be discontinued, but only the newer one called /IBP/EXTRACT_ODATA_SRV. It supports the extraction in both JSON and XML format. Actually, it was built to extract key figure data, but it allows to extract master data as well, by adding all needed master data type attributes in the selection list.

Configure planning area for the External Extractor app

In the Manage Global Configuration section of the Configuration app, create a new parameter group and add the following entries:

  • Parameter Group: FLEXQUERY
  • Parameter Name: PLANNINGAREA
  • Parameter Value: Add the planning areas you’d like to use for your analysis. You can create a comma delimited list if you’re adding multiple planning areas. For instance, you can add: myplanningarea1,myplanningarea2.


In the same section, check the parameter MAX_RECORDS, which limits the amount of records that are returned by the service call:

  • Parameter Group: FLEXQUERY
  • Parameter Name: MAX_RECORDS
  • Parameter Value: Increase this value so that it is greater than the intended extraction block size for the CDC Comparison, e.g. the default CDC block size is 10000 records per each block fetch.

Maintain Communication User

In the Maintain Communication Users app, create a Communication User (starts with prefix “CC”) and associate it with the communication scenario SAP_COM_0143 (“General -> Used by Communication Arrangement”).

This technical user is used to access IBP from outside the cloud. This is not possible with a business user.

An assignment to the user group EXTERNAL_DATA_ACCESS is not required.


Communication Arrangement

In the Communication Arrangements app, choose the Scenario ID SAP_COM_0143.

At Inbound Communication, assign as User Name the name of the Communication User

  • The Communication User ID will be used for the technical logon

At Inbound Services, make sure you see the Service “Extract Analytics data in oData format” with a Service URL like https://<host>/sap/opu/odata/IBP/EXTRACT_ODATA_SRV.

At Additional Properties, assign the technical ID of the Corresponding Business User (“CBxxxxxxxxxx”).

  • The Business User ID will be used for the application-related authorization checks
  • To lookup the User ID (starts with prefix “CB”), please use the app Maintain Business Users



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