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1. Objectives

This article explains how to use the Calculation Data Provider.

2. Supported Renderer

The Calculation data provider supports the following list of renderers:

  • Line Chart
  • Area Chart
  • Column chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Stack Bar Chart
  • Line Column
  • Dual Line
  • Dual Bar Chart
  • Dual Line Column
  • SLR Renderer
  • SLR Table Renderer
  • Stack Column Chart
  • Stack Column Chart2Label
  • Table History Renderer

Here is an example of a displayed data using the Calculation data provider:

3. How to configure a gadget with the calculation data provider

In order to use the /STDF/DP_CALCULATION data provider, we have to proceed like shown below:
  • Create two queries. (Select a metric from any Data provider) and save them
  • Select the CALCULATION data provider
  • Select an Operand1 
  • Select an operator 
  • Select an Operand2 

4. Attributes Description

The attributes related to the calculation data provider will be visible once the two queries are saved.

Here is the list of attributes:

  • Operand1 (Depends on the created queries)
  • Operator  ( It is a mathematical operator, it can be multiplication, addition, division, subtraction...)
  • Operand2 (Depends on the created queries)

5. Example

The following example is the use of DP calculation with the DP IT service Management:

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