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Interfaces are maintained in the Interface Library in the Library section of your solution. Note that there are two types of interfaces: Interface and Composite Interface. Interface Documentation can only be done for Interfaces. Refer to appendix to find more details on Composite Interfaces and how they integrate with Interfaces and Interface Documentation.



To create a new Interface call the context menu and select New ->Interface. Note that you can also create interface folders to further structure your Interface Library in regard to application area, regional aspects, relevance, or other logical structure elements which apply to your scenario.   

Besides the Name, the newly created Interface contains mandatory parameters which you have to fill: the Sending Logical Component Group, the Receiving Logical Component Group, and the Interface Technology. Note that there’s an additional field called Middleware Logical Component Group, which you can use to document simple interface flows involving three systems. Typically, this applies to interfaces including a middleware component like SAP PI / PO. See chapter Document Interfaces with Middleware Component to find more details on this scenario. If the interface flow includes different steps in one or more components it’s better to use Composite Interfaces. A Composite Interface can also incorporate Interfaces – see chapter Interface vs Composite Interface for more details.



All fields provide value helps. Table 1 lists all interface technologies available in standard. If no interface technology describes your interface sufficiently, you can also create custom interface technologies.

Table 1: Standard Interface Technologies

Interface Technology


Available Subtypes


Application Link Enabling / IDoc



Batch Input



Business Documents



Direct input



EDI using IDocs



General   file-based interface



HTTP / WebService

  • ABAP
  • JAVA
  • General


Java Message   Service



Other, not listed technology



SAP Process   Integration / Process Orchestration

  • Dual Stack
  • JAVA-only Installation

(Both subtypes   provide a comprehensive list of PI adapters)


Remote Function Call

  • Synchronous RFC (sRFC)
  • Asynchronous RFC (aRFC)
  • Transactional RFC (tRFC)
  • Queued RFC (qRFC)
  • Background RFC (Transactional Units)   (bgRFCt)
  • Background RFC (Queued Units) (bgRFCq)


SAP Workflow



Remote Database Access

  • ABAP Database Connectivity
  •   JAVA   Database Connectivity


Once the Interface is available in the Interface Library you can create documentation for it. To do so, call the context menu in the Elements of… box of your Interface and select entry New ->Interface Details ->Interface Details. This automatically opens the Integration Repository in a new window. There you can maintain the interface attribute data.


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