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Cross Database Comparison (CDC) can be used to compare data sources with a complex structure or hierarchy. Furthermore the comparison can be executed across different systems. The user can check whether the data in the source and target systems is consistent, e.g. whether the updates in the source system have been correctly replicated to the target system. Examples of complex data sources are sales orders with several billing items or a customer master record containing multiple addresses, partner roles and bank details.

CDC supports:

  • Creating a data model which contains all tables and fields to be compared
  • Comparing data on demand or schedule regular comparison runs
  • Displaying a result overview including all relevant details

In order to use CDC, the following technical prerequisites have to be fullfilled:

  • Correct version of the software components
  • Activation of necessary services
  • User authorization
  • Connections to the data source system(s)

For detailed information regarding the prerequisites, refer to the documents in the Media Library / SAP notes mentioned at the end of this page.


Customers often ask the following questions:

  • How can I check data between different SAP or Non-SAP systems for consistency?
  • How can I proceed if I face an inconsistency that cannot be detected by standard consistency check tools, but I do not want to write additional coding for each of the required checks?



From those questions, the following requirements for Cross Database Comparison can be derived:

  • ŸData in different systems including Non-SAP systems or XML files needs to be checked for consistency
  • ŸTypical use cases include ad-hoc or regular end-to-end comparison of master or transactional data exchanged between multiple systems including Non-ABAP systems


Cross Database Comparison is a generic application. Therefore it is possible to check the data consistency in both ABAP and non-ABAP systems.

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