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Dear Focused Insights users,

This article will presents the usage of the BEX VIEW data provider.

1. Objectives 

The BEX_VIEW data provider gives the user the possibility to display his own saved views or these which has been created by another user.

2. Supported Renderers

The BEX_VIEWS data provider supports this following renderers :

  • Line Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Donut Chart
  • Line-Column Chart
  • Dual Line Chart
  • Dual Line-Column
  • Dual Bar-Column
  • Column Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Table History Renderer
  • SLR Renderer
  • Trend Table Renderer
  • Dynamic Table
  • HTML Renderer

3. Tabs Description

BEX_VIEW has two tabs:

  • Views

The views tab contains the available list of configured views.

  • HTML Content

This is a common tab between all the data providers.

4. Prerequisites

To use BEX_VIEW data provider, a view should be already created by following these steps:

1. Execute RSRT1 Transaction code in the SAP Logon.

2. Enter the Bex query name that the view will be created for. (For example, 0CCMPDATA//STDF/QD_AVAILABILITY_D)

3. Execute the query

4. Enter the appropriate filters.

5. Save the view

6. Enter the view description

7. Enter the view technical name

8. Click on save button

5. Usage

In this case we select the data provider BEX_VIEW and we select the preconfigured view which we have named SYSTEM_AVAILABILITY.

The displayed data is the same as the saved one in the view

Note that a user is able to see all his configured views, if another user wants to access to the views configured by another one he should have the View ID and add it as provided below:

Select the data provider BEX_VIEW and then the expert mode

Add the ID of the view: SYSTEM_AVAILABILITY in the view attributes.

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