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Dear Focused Insights users,

This article explains how to use the Business Process Operation data provider.

1. Objectives

The Data provider /STDF/DP_BPO is used to monitor critical SAP business processes.

2. Supported Renderers

The BPO data provider supports this following renderers:

  • Line chart
  • Area chart
  • Column chart
  • Bar Chart
  • SLR Renderer
  • SLR Table Renderer
  • Table History Renderer
  • Trend Table Renderer
  • Waterfall Chart
  • Column Chart
  • Stack Bar Chart
  • Stack Column Chart
  • Stack Column Chart2Label
  • Dual Line Chart
  • Dual Line-Column
  • Dual Bar-Column
  • Pie Chart
  • Donut Chart
  • Line-Column Chart

3. Attributes description

Here is a table explaining all possible attributes for the BPO Data Provider:

 Attributes Description
 Solution Available Solutions-Branchs
 System role Available System roles
 Site Available Sites
 Scenario Available scenarios related to the solution
 Process Available processes
 Step Available process steps
 Monitoring object Monitoring object related to a process step (list is generated when selecting a process)
 Metric List of available metrics

3.1 Context Tab

In the tab Context we can select:

  • Solution
  • System Role
  • Site

3.2 Business Process Tab

In the tab Business Process we can select:

  • Scenario
  • Process
  • Step

PS: The list of processes are returned after selecting a Scenario.

The list of Steps are generated after selecting a Process from the available ones.

3.3 Metric Tab

In the tab Metric you can select:

  • Monitoring object
  • Metric

PS:  The monitoring objects related to a business process are returned just by selecting a process and before selecting a process step.

The list of Metrics are returned by selecting a Monitoring Object

4. Displaying Rounded values:

Query Parameter: ROUND It allows the user to display rounded values of the result.

Syntax: <OCC_QUERY>| ROUND=<true/false>

  • When ROUND=true then the result will be rounded

  • The default value of the the paramter is ROUND=false


Query: /STDF/DP_BPO:Solution=|Process=|Steps=|Context_id=|Metric=|SID=|COLOR_RATING=YES|legend= |visible=true|COLOR=#e8aeae|OCC_JUMP_IN=|display_value=false|System_Role=|Site=|Step=|ROUND=true

5. How to validate

Validation is done from the Business Process Monitoring:

Use transaction : sm_workcenter => Business Process monitoring => Business Process Monitoring

In this part we will take an example:

Query: /STDF/DP_BPO:COLOR=#aec7e8|legend=Open Sales Order|OCC_JUMP_IN=|SLA=|TREND=|G2Y=|Y2R=|COLOR_RATING=|DISPLAY_ATTRIBUTES=|visible=true|Solution=2aaVgTjN7jQRkBzcgxZ8hG_2aaVgTjN7jQRkBzcgxZ8hG|System_Role=2aaVgTjN7jQRkBzcgxZ8hG_2aaVgTjN7jQRkBzcgxZ8hGP|Site=2aaVgTjN7jQRkBzcgxZ8hG_2aaVgTjN7jQRkBzcgxZ8hGPSITE|Scenario=2aaVgTjN7jQRkBzcgxZ8hG2aaVgTjN7jQRkBzcgxZ8hGP_02CcdQFd7kMDrA1N4pIdDW2aaVgTjN7jQRkBzcgxZ8hGPSITE|Process=2aaVgTjN7jQRkBzcgxZ8hG2aaVgTjN7jQRkBzcgxZ8hGP_2aaVgTjN7jQRklJvbEdBVW2aaVgTjN7jQRkBzcgxZ8hGPSITE|Step=2aaVgTjN7jQRkBzcgxZ8hG2aaVgTjN7jQRkBzcgxZ8hGP_2aaVgTjN7jQRklJvbEbBVW2aaVgTjN7jQRkBzcgxZ8hGPSITE|Context_id=1255A578FFF21EE7918D4048EDCC4DE6|Metric=Open sales orders_001-001

OCC dashboard: using the table view with renderer "line chart"

5.1 Context Tab

In the OCC dashboard

In the Business Process Monitoring

- Click on "Scope Selection"

- Select "Solution", "System Role" and "Site" :

5.2 Business Process Tab

In the OCC dashboard

In the Business Process Monitoring

PS: Use the arrow on the right to navigate from Solution Documentation to select scenarios, processes and process steps

Scenario: Choose one scenario

Process: Choose one process under the selected scenario

Step: Choose one process step under the selected process

The chosen process step will be displayed in the field "Selected Items"

5.3 Metric Tab

In the OCC dashboard

In the Business Process Monitoring

Monitoring object:

After selecting items from "Solution context", we click on the button "Overview".

We select a process, then a list of monitoring objects is displayed:


Select the monitoring object then the metric.

Make sure that we have the same value displayed in the OCC dashboard.

Please note that BPO does not support job monitoring.

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