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This data provider is not supported in the scenario "Anonymous user".

1. Objectives

This article explains how to use the OCC SQLCRIPTS data provider.

2. Supported Renderers

The SQLSCRIPTS data provider supports only the following Dynamic Table Renderer

Here is an example for the usage of the SQLSCRIPTS data provider with the Dynamic table renderer:



When the query is executed the following display is returned:

3. Attributes Description

Here is a table explaining all possible attributes for the metrics:



Default Value


Displays the list of  SQL queries created in DB02


Displays the list of database connections

Local system

The select options of the SQLSCRIPTS data provider is composed of only one group which is query_instances and contains the two above filters.

To configure a gadget in the OCC Dashboard for the SQLSCRIPTs data provider:

  • Select the  /STDF/DP_SQLSCRIPTS option as a data provider


  • Select the dynamic table renderer

  • Select the SQL query that needs to be executed

  • Select the database connection that will be used to execute the SQL query. Not selecting a DBCON will execute the SQL query locaclly.

4. How to validate

The results returned will be validated using the transaction DB02 using the SQL editor feature.

  1. Executed the transaction DB02
  2. Use the database connection section to select the database connection to execute the SQL query in the remote system needed

  3. Go to SQL editor
  4. Use the search help to choose the SQL query to be executed
  5. Use the load query button to load the query
  6. Execute

The displayed result is the same as the displayed one in the OCC dashboard.

Note that:

  • The time range selected in the gadget configuration is not taken into consideration.
  • The display attributes feature can change rename the columns or choose which columns to display.

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