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Focused Insights is a turnkey solutions based on SAP Solution Manager. Technically it is an add-on installed on top of SAP Solution Manager available to all customers:

Focused Insights provides 5 models (or dashboards templates).  Each of them correspond to a specific IT Management / Application Life cycle Management use case:


With the Operation dashboard, you can detect and solve alerts to track issues as they occur. With the alert console of Focused Insights, your team knows the current situation of your SAP environment. Your first and second level support organization can operate your solution with insight into the root cause of issues and the ability to drill down into the problem.

Control Center

With the growing complexity of the IT stack in today’s environment, SAP Basis organization need to proactively detect issues before they occur.Through Control Center dashboards, you can view in real-time the key areas of your SAP environment with multiple indicators correlated in single views for early detection of top offenders.The capacity to detect issues at early stage is a game changer in improving users experiences.

Service Level

Setting objectives and monitoring target achievements allow High-performing SAP IT services to report on the value they provide to the business.  With Service Level dashboards, building and maintaining a service level report is an easy task that SAP service manager could realize in a few clicks. Based on the full range of SAP IT and business indicators, your teams have a centralized management console to design, build, and monitor service agreements for SAP Solutions. It combines automation and flexibility to measure and manage your levels of service in a consistent automated manner.


The performance of your SAP solution relies on capacity and health indicators like workload, volume, capacity, resources utilization… 

To optimize the capacity of your SAP environment you need to visualize those key elements in a way that will help you to improve your application performance.

·     With real-time indicators visualization, Tactical dashboards help you to quickly identify issues.

·     At the same time, through historical views, you can determine trends and perform detailed and predictive analysis.


With Focused Insights, you can monitor progress of your IT organization with intuitive performance scorecards. 

Being able to measure your performance over long period of time helps you to put in place effective continuous improvement processes.

It easy to keep your strategic plans on track. You can improve visibility and collaboration with a single source of data and prioritize and focus resources towards your business objectives.

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