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Data Providers are used to model data access in Focused Insights. 

3 types of data providers are delivered:

  • Gadgets manipulation
  • Generic ABAP objects
  • SAP Solution Manager Data sources

SAP Solution Manager Data Sources

Focused Insights defines 16 Data Providers for SAP Solution Manager data sources:

DPSourceCommentsMin ResolutionTroubleshooting
SYSMONSystem monitoringNo support for Dynamic Table rendererRawDP_SYSMON

Business Process indicators & Dashboards

No support for Dynamic Table renderer

BPOBusiness Process Operations

BUILDFocused Build

CCMCustom code managementsupport ALL renderers

CRMCRM saved searchsupport ALL renderers

DCMData Consistency managementsupport ALL renderersDay
JSMJobs scheduling management

EWAEarly Watch Alertsupport ALL renderersDay
ICMInterfaces management

MAIMAI alertssupport ALL renderers

SOLDOCSolution documentationsupport ALL renderers


SECURITYConfiguration validation

ATCCustom Code Quality cockpit

TESTFocused BUILD test management

Generic ABAP objects


Any BeX Query accessible in SAP Solution Manager

support ALL renderers
BEX_VIEWAny BeX View accessible in SAP Solution Managersupport ALL renderers
TABLEAccess to any tablessupport ALL renderers
SCRIPTSAccess to scriptssupport only Dynamic Table renderer

Gadgets manipulation


Combine queries results in another query

No support for Dynamic Table renderer
GADGETCombine gadgets results into another gadgetsNo support for Dynamic Table renderer
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