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Executing transaction PREPARE_ACTIVATION is mandatory for all customers who need to activate their Solution Documentation content while preparing for the upgrade to SAP Solution Manager 7.2. After the transaction has been completely finished, the following best practices should be applied to ensure correct results of the content activation. 

Please note: Changes in solution documentation after finishing PREPARE_ACTIVATION will be ignored for the content activation.

After finishing PREPARE_ACTIVATION (step 4), please do not

  • Change system roles (transaction MAINT_ROLES)
  • Delete Logical Components
  • Change system assignments in Logical Components
  • Change the transport management system (TMS)
  • Add / remove logical components in projects or solutions
  • Add/change external shortcuts
  • Delete projects or solutions
  • Add / remove structure nodes in projects or solutions
  • Add / remove tab assignments in projects or solutions
  • change attributes of structure nodes or tab elements
  • Create new projects or solutions which are relevant for content activation
  • Change the task list or close the change cycle of a project
  • Change authorizations for content activation user(s)


Additional note:

If there is an urgent need to change 

  • scoped content (content changes in projects/solutions): re-execute "save and consistency check" in step 3 of the preparation guided procedure
  • landscape (i.e. change of logical components, systems assignments, system roles): execute "reset" in step 2 of the preparation guided procedure
  • available content (new project/solutions either created or imported; created external shortcuts to projects/solutions not in scope; TMS changes): execute "initialize list" in step 1 of the preparation guided procedure
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