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Solution Manager Implementation



Documents can be created/added to the SOLAR01/02 tabs through the ‘insert document’ button ( ). After pressing it, you’ll be able to create, link, copy and upload a document or add a web link.

• Creating a document:

When you create a new document, you’re physically saving it according to the rules for storing documents in knowledge warehouse folders  after hitting the save button of the document. When you hit the save button of the transaction, you save the assignment of the message to the project.

• Linking a document:

When you link a document, you’re a just search for already existing documents(documents that exists physically, with or without assignment in any project) and creating a link to this document, so it’ll be assigned to the structure of the project you are and you’ll be able to edit the source document.

• Copying a document:

When copying a document, you’ll perform the same search for a document as if you were linking a document but instead of creating just another assignment, the system will create a entirely new copy of the document to the folder  according to the rules for storing documents in knowledge warehouse, and after that the copy of the document will be assigned to the structure of the project.

• Uploading a document:

When uploading documents, you’ll copy the document from your local computer to the folder  according to the rules for storing documents in knowledge warehouse, and after that the copy of the document will be assigned to the structure of the project.

• Adding a web link:

When adding a web link, you’ll just save a URL in the structure of the project. Everytime you access that web link, the system will load the URL and show it.

• Assignment of the documents:

If  a document is saved physically it means it is stored in the folders according to the rules for storing documents in knowledge warehouse. This doesn’t mean the document is saved in the project.

When the document is assigned to the project, the project will save a link to the physicall address of the document and keep this link in it’s structure, so the document will appear in the node/tab in which it was assigned in transactions SOLAR01/02.

A document assignment can be deleted by selecting the assignment row and clicking in the button ‘delete row’( ). When the document assignment is deleted, it’ll not appear in SOLAR01/02 transactions anymore but it’ll still exists physically, so it’ll still be found on searchs and you’ll still be able to create links for this document.

To delete both, assginment to the document and the document physically, you must use the button ‘delete’( ). This will ensure that the document is deleted in the folder it’s stored.

In case a document have no assignment anymore but still exists physically, it is considered unused. To find the unused documents there is a report called SOLMAN_UNUSED_DOCUMENTS (reference note 923203  – ‘Deleting unused documents from the Solution Manager’ ). This report searchs in the projects for all documents created by a specific user or all users,  that exists physcally but are not assigned to any project.  Then you can display any document or just delete the ones you want to. The deletion through this report will remove them physically.



With the exception of template projects, the system stores all documents in a folder with the technical project name when you create them. In template projects, the system stores all documents, with the exception of project documents, in folder SOLAR00.


 The system stores all documents in a folder with the technical name of  the solution when you create them. (reference:  note  913175  – ‘Documents are not stored in the correct folder’ )


 When you transfer templates into projects, the system copies the  documents of the template. (for further informantion check the wiki page “Template Projects ”)

The same applies when copying projects for the "Project Documentation" tab,  these documents are copied immediately.

The documents on other tabs behave a little bit different. The documents on the other tabs are flagged for copying, which mean that there is only a link pointing to where the original document is.

They are only copied if they are to be edited (open document, open attribute dialog, check out document), what means that the document will only be actually copied when it is edited for the first time.


"You can use the report ‘SM_FOLDER_NO_REFCOPY’ to enter the technical  names of folders whose documents should not be copied in the table  ‘IWBSETTING’."  (note  1236369  – ‘Copying documents from templates’ )

So technically, when copying a project, you'll use this report to add in the tab  "IWBSETTING" the technical names of the folders whose documents you don't want to be copied, so you can still edit them in the source by the copy project.

Regarding the technical name of the folders check the previously mentioned rules for storing documents in Knowledge Warehouse folders.


You have a template project called ZTEMP01 and you want to copy this project but you also want to just link the documents, what means that if you changes a document in the new project, it’ll change also the source document in ZTEMP01.
For this you should run the report "SM_FOLDER_NO_REFCOPY" via SE38 transaction and add the technical name "SOLAR00" which is the technical name of the folder where template project's documents are stored.

Then after that you can copy the project, so the resulting project will allow you to edit the documents directly in the source.